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Non-Toxic Effect from Mega Propolis Consumption

An important study looking towards the lethal dose of Propolis. Fortunately,  massive consumption of Propolis is not a health concern and what could be better for human health than a therapeutically active product to aid the body to heal and prevent disease and illness? The recommended daily dose is about 350 for an average adult but when there's an illness or disease to treat, that dosage should be doubled and consumed 3 times per day...

Apimondia Apimedica-Apiquality International Forum
Acute Toxicological Test of Propolis

2012, Oct. 22-25 Zhenjiang, China

ZHUO Bi-rong, SHI Pei-ying, WU Zhen-hong*
(Bee Science College of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, State and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Natural Biotoxi, Fuzhou 350002, China )

This project used Fixed-dose procedure to study acute toxicity reaction of mice to ethanol extract of propolis. The result showed that mice, which have been lavaged with ethanol extract of propolis were all live during 0~14 days. In addition, the tested mice shown no-affected locomotor activity and had no abnormal symptoms. The mice showed no abnormal secretion in mouths, noses and ears. Also the mice showed other normal symptoms such as eyelid without prolapse, clear eye pupil, normal excretions, and smooth hair. Autopsy results showed no obvious abnormity characterization of the organs. The organs index has no obvious difference with control group (The max dose is 2000mg/kg).

In conclusion, mice had no acute toxicity reaction to ethanol extract of propolis. Since 2000mg/kg is 100 times of the human body recommended dose, people can also use propolis with this dose.
*Corresponding author,

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