Friday, September 11, 2015

Dental Plaque Reduced with Propolis Toothpaste

Competing with propolis in the field of dentistry is tough. Propolis responds very well when in contact with mucous linings of the body. This super antioxidant also delivers antimicrobial, antifungal and antiseptic properties which make it very adaptable to numerous conditions found out of balance. A secret in finding good toothpaste is to look for the "propolis. If it's not brown, then it's not significant.

The antiplaque efficacy of propolis-based herbal toothpaste: A crossover clinical study
J Nat Sci Biol Med. 2015 Jul-Dec;6(2):364-8

In recent years, herbal products have been suggested as an economic, safe and probably effective alternative for prevention and control of various oral diseases. But still there are some products which need to be evaluated. Of lately, Propolis is one such product. To assess and compare the efficacy of herbal dentifrice containing Propolis with Miswak and Colgate total toothpastes in controlling plaque formation.

Propolia propolis herbal toothpaste
A double blind, randomized, crossover study design was conducted among thirty healthy dental students. After oral prophylaxis all subjects were given a washout product for one week period. Subjects were then made to brush with (washout product) for 1 minute followed by 1 minute brushing with assigned test product. The baseline MGMPI plaque scores were recorded. Subjects were then refrained from oral hygiene for 24 hours, and were recalled to be re-disclosed and re-measured for plaque formation. This procedure was repeated according to crossover design after a washout period of (2 week). Statistical tests used were Krukalwallis and Wilcoxon sign rank test.

There was a significant difference in 24 hour score between the test products evaluated. When the change from baseline to 24 hours was analyzed, the test product Propolis resulted in a consistently and significantly (p < 0.05) lower MGMPI mean scores than the Colgate Total and Miswak toothpastes.

Propolis was found to be safe and effective in reducing plaque accumulation when compared to Miswak and Colgate total toothpaste.

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