Discount for Beekeepers, Apiculteurs, et al

Discount for Beekeepers,Arıcı,
Apiculteurs, Apicultors,Imkers,
пчеловод worldwide!

Bee Healthy Farms wants beekeepers worldwide to promote the beauty and strength of beekeeping and honeybees with Propolina, the honey bee propolis vaporizer! 

The colorful shape and happy smile attracts attention and the aromatic scent of propolis is very pleasant and therapeutic. Documented by scientific studies, the health benefits of propolis are diffused into the air, sanitizing the air and enabling people to breathe in propolis, just like oxygen.

Whether its the honeybee model or one of the other models, propolis vaporizers adapt naturally into numerous situations:
  • store 
  • booth
  • stand 
  • office 
  • conference room

Why a propolis vaporizer?
  • reinforces image of providing healthy products
  • enhances sales of other bee products
  • boosts your immune system
  • more than aromatherapy - it's Apitherapy!

Order today at
(toll-free) 1-888-235-8002 (int'l) +001-845-926-1826

For Europe and Asia, visit +033-982-22-62-52

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Supporting documentation available by request.
Distributor inquiries are welcome.

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