Saturday, January 23, 2016

Live Longer Eating Bee Products and Keeping Bees

This amazing study confirms that keeping bees and consuming bee products can prolong life! DNA results show chromosomes lengthen rather than shorten over time for beekeepers and for those who consume bee products. So, if you haven't eaten honey, bee pollen, propolis or royal jelly today, then it's time to start. Live longer with Apitherapy! 

The relationship between telomere length and beekeeping among Malaysians
AGE, June 2015, 37:58

The belief that beekeepers live longer than anyone else is present since ages. However, no research has been done to explore the longevity of life in beekeepers. Here, we investigated the telomere length in 30 male beekeepers and 30 male non-beekeepers and associated them with the longevity of life using Southern analysis of terminal restriction fragments (TRFs) generated by Hinf I/Rsa I digestion of human genomic DNA using TeloTAGGG Telomere Length Assay. 

Interestingly, we found that the telomere length of male beekeepers was significantly longer than those of male non-beekeepers with a p value of less than 0.05, suggesting that beekeepers may have longer life compared to non-beekeepers. We further found that the consumption of bee products for a long period and frequent consumption of bee products per day are associated with telomere length. An increase of year in consuming bee products is associated with a mean increase in telomere length of 0.258 kbp. In addition, an increase in frequency of eating bee products per day was also associated with a mean increase of 2.66 kbp in telomere length.

These results suggested that bee products might play some roles in telomere length maintenance.