Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Chronic Rhinosinusitis Healed with Propolis

A really good study confirming the beneficial effects of propolis for chronic sinus ailments such as rhinosinusitis. Another interesting point is the consistent effect of its healing, protective properties on injuries, especially in mucous linings of the body.

Chronic Rhinosinusitis Healed with Propolis

Mechanical trauma to the nasal mucosa increases the risk of synechia formation, especially after chronic rhinosinusitis and nasal surgeries.

This study was carried to assess the effect of propolis administration in healing injured nasal mucosa in rats.

We randomly divided eighteen rats into three equal experimental groups: (1) non-treated group; (2) gum tragacanth (suspending agent for propolis) treated group; and (3) propolis treated group. The non-treated group received no treatment for 15 days. The second group received gum tragacanth administration (5 ml/kg, orally) once daily for 15 days. The third group received propolis suspension orally at a dose of 100 mg/kg once daily for 15 days. At the beginning of this study, we induced unilateral mechanical nasal trauma on the right nasal mucosa of all rats in the three groups using a brushing technique. A pathologist stained tissue samples using hematoxylin and examined eosin by using a light microscope.
Photomicrographs of (1) non-treated, (2) gum (3) propolis

The severity of inflammation was milder with the absence of ulcerations in the propolis treated group compared with the non-treated and gum tragacanth groups. Goblet cell and ciliated cell loss was substantially lower in patients treated with propolis compared with groups without treatment and those treated with gum tragacanth.

Propolis decreased inflammation and enhanced healing of wounds of the nasal mucosa in rats.