Thursday, June 16, 2011

Honey Research for Antioxidant Effects against New Superbugs

Numerous groups around the world announcing research on the medicinal properties of honey against MSRA and other super bugs...

Scientists to Study Welsh Honey for New Superbug Drugs
Madeleine Brindley, WalesOnline, 6/13/2011

Beekeepers are being urged to send scientists a sample of their home produce as they search for a Welsh “super honey”.

A team at Cardiff University believe by studying locally-produced honey they may stumble across one which is capable of fighting antibiotic-resistant infections.
The researchers at the Welsh School of Pharmacy and the National Botanic Garden of Wales are working together to test the honey samples and screen them for new plant sources of medicines....

Mexican Honey Highly Variable in Antioxidant Properties

Antioxidant Activity of Artisanal Honey from Tabasco, Mexico
International Journal of Food Properties, Volume 14, Issue 2, 2011, Pages 459 - 470

Potential claims for honey, floral variety and their health properties are relevant for small farmers and artisan producers.

The antioxidant activity of honey samples from cacao farms, mangrove, citrus, and coconut groves from Mexico was established by applying a multiple-method approach, which included determination of the level of total phenolic compounds and total flavonoids...

No patterns could be found in relation to antioxidant activities and the agrifood system of origin, floral availability, collection location, or season. Artisan honey samples from Tabasco were highly variable in their antioxidant properties, possibly because of the biodiversity and seasonal variations, which contribute to their unique nature. The antioxidant tests used in this study could be useful to verify the antioxidant function of honey.

Tasmanian Beekeepers to Promote Medicinal Honey

Manuka in flowerA consortium of commercial beekeepers has been formed to promote medically active honeys and hive products from Tasmania.
It's called the Tasmanian Active Honey Group, and the word 'active' refers to medicinal properties such as anti-oxidant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory activity.
Julian Wolfhagen, from the Tasmanian Honey Company, one of the six businesses involved, says he wants to build consumer confidence in Tasmanian active hive products.
"Particularly in this case, where New Zealand has established itself clearly as the market leader, we need to get some group energy and pooling finances to launch the existence of a Tasmanian manuka."

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