Thursday, September 20, 2012

Propolis Protects Immune System from Vaccine Side Effects

The use of propolis as an adjuvant has been used for many years in alternative medicine. But recent studies have proven it enhances the effects of chemotherapy drug treatment and continues to reveal its capacity as the "natural protector" and natural choice for enhancing one's immune system...

Adjuvanticity of Epimedium Polysaccharide-Propolis Flavone On Inactivated Vaccines Against AI and ND Virus
Int J BiolMacro, 2012 Aug 27

The purpose of this research was to compare the activities of different dose of epimedium flavone-propolis flavone adjuvant (EPA). The inactivated avian influenza (AI) and Newcastle disease (ND) vaccine contained three dose of EPA were prepared. 
In AI vaccine vaccination experiment, three hundred 14-day-old chickens were randomly divided into 6 groups and inoculated with three EPA-AI vaccines taking oil adjuvant (OA), non-adjuvant (NA) vaccines and physiological saline as controls, repeated at 28-day-old. The lymphocyte proliferation and serum antibody titer were determined. 
In ND vaccine vaccination experiment, three hundred 14-day-old chickens were grouped, treated with three EPA-ND vaccines, and determined same to AI vaccine vaccination experiment, at 42-day-old the chickens were challenged with NDV. On day 15 after challenged, the immune protective effect was observed. 
The results showed that EPA could significantly promote lymphocyte proliferation and enhance serum antibody titer against AI and ND, and reduce the morbidity of chickens challenged with NDV after vaccinated with ND vaccine, especially the effect of medium dose was better than that of non-adjuvant and oil adjuvant. 
These results indicated that EPA could enhance the immune effect of inactivated AI vaccine and ND vaccine and would be expected as a new-type adjuvant

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