Sunday, March 17, 2013

Freshen Indoor Air, Promote Health with Propolis

A 5 minute interview is brief but to the point, explaining why propolis diffused into the air can aid both health and environment...

Piece of Mind Radio interviews Bee Healthy Farms
POMR, 2013, March 9

To learn more about propolis vaporizers here is a clip from Saturday's Piece of Mind Radio Program with Jean-Francois Lariviere from Bee Healthy Farms. A lot of good information in 5 minutes. This is a wonderful natural way to freshen your indoor air and promote health.

As stated by Brenda Hinck Harper:
"I am amazed by the many gifts of nature, and how we so often chose artificial chemical junk when so many natural things are available. The flu shot missed the mark this year, but diffusing propolis in homes and class rooms can significantly reduce the many bugs. I think hospitals should be using more natural stuff instead of breeding super bugs." 

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