Monday, April 7, 2014

Honey Heals Wounds Faster and Reduces Scarring

An ideal wound dressing, honey has been declared safe and effective in many countries world-wide. Now, another review by health care professionals confirms that its safe, reduces scarring and heals wounds at a faster rate than conventional methods. Earlier this year, a medical journal confirmed using honey in an improvisational / wilderness setting was a safe, effective choice. Read between the lines, honey is safe whether or not it's medical honey...

Medical Honey and Its Role in Paediatric Patients
Br J Nurs, 2014 Mar 27

The use of complementary medical treatment in wound management has continued to grow throughout the world. There is a large body of evidence that supports the use of honey as a wound dressing for a wide range of wound types. The authors present an update of present knowledge about honey as a form of complementary medicine in paediatric wound management.

The literature cited was found by searching the PubMed, BIOSIS and ISI Web of Science databases for the phrase 'honey and wound'. Papers where honey was used in a mixture with other therapeutic substances were excluded. Randomised controlled trials as well as case studies were taken into consideration.

This paper reviews data on the effectiveness of honey in wound healing; 80 citations or references were found that matched the criteria. Furthermore, the wound-healing properties of honey are described and the mechanism of action discussed. The authors' data show that honey induced enhanced epithelialisation, minimised scar formations and had an anti-microbiotic effect.

These results should encourage the use of medical honey in the field of paediatrics. It is a safe and natural substance that induces wound healing at a greater rate than conventional methods.

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