Saturday, October 31, 2015

Intestinal Linings Protected by Propolis from Radiation

New findings from this study reaffirms the protective effects of propolis from radiation exposure. This is quite impressive, as propolis is documented to work well on mucous linings of the body and protecting organs such as the liver, kidneys and spleen. This study builds upon the rich database of research which continues to reveal this substance as an essential adjuvant for patients undergoing radiation therapy. Furthermore, the anti-cancerous effects that propolis also provides should make physicians eager to incorporate propolis in their protocols.  

Propolis aqueous extract preserves functional integrity of murine intestinal mucosa after exposure to ionizing radiation
Environ Toxicol Pharmacol. 2015 Oct 9;40(3):901-906

- Histological and biochemical evidence of intestinal damage seen after irradiation
- Parameters for intestinal function measured in tissue homogenates and plasma
- Propolis extract prevents histological and biochemical radiation-induced changes
- Beneficial effect of propolis water extract due mainly to caffeic acid derivatives

The ability of a specially prepared water propolis extract (PWE) to preserve the functional activity of the intestinal mucosa after radiation exposure was studied. PWE was given orally (650mg/kg) to rats five days prior to irradiation by 6Gy and continued for further two days. Rats were sacrificed 24h later, intestinal segments were examined histologically and homogenates were used to assess relevant biochemical parameters reflecting intestinal injury. Irradiation led to a rise in the histological damage score, a rise in tissue TNF-α and TBARS, and a decrease in sucrase, alkaline phosphatase, GSH and cholecystokinin as well as a decrease in plasma citrulline.

The findings reflect a decrease in intestinal functional activity. PWE preserved the intestinal integrity and largely protected against the changes induced in the histology damage score and all parameters measured, possibly as a result of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action of its caffeic acid content.

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