Wednesday, January 25, 2012

German Apitherapy Congress and Expo, April 20-24 2012

These events are highly informative and strongly recommended for everyone interested in natural medicine. This 10th Annual is recognized worldwide for a great blend of theory, clinical field presentations and hands-on practicums. An intensive week of therapeutic knowledge in a beautiful city... 

10th Annual German Apitherapy Congress and Api-Expo
April 20 - 24 2012 
Passau, Germany 
The 10th Annual German Apitherapy Congress and Api-Expo will be held in the IBB Hotel and Convention Center in Passau, Germany. 

There will be workshops for Apitherapy beginners held before and after the Congress. All events are bilingual in English and German

The predominant themes of the Congress are:

- Prevention and Treatment of Modern Civilization Diseases with Bee Products
- Apitherapy in the daily practice

Guest speakers and Authors include professors, physicians, therapists, veterinarians, microbiologists from Egypt, Ecuador, Germany, Japan, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia.

Visit the German Apitherapy Association website for more information and news of the Congress. Specific questions may also be addressed to Dr. Stefan Stangaciu via email:

For hotel accommodations, visit the IBB Hotel website.

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