Monday, March 5, 2012

1st ApiMedical Tourism Conf & ApiExpo, Bangladesh 22-24 June

Apitherapy is recognized complementary and alternative medicine in numerous countries around the world and is continuing to integrate into other countries' health care choices...

First International Api-Medical Tourism Conference, Api-Expo in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Tourism Foundation announced its 'First International Api-Medical Tourism Conference and Api-Expo' 2012 to be held at Dhaka Bangladesh from 22-24 June, 2012.

The Conference and Expo is open to apitherapists, beekeepers, tour operators, scientists and clinicians on beehive products with the objective of opening the world of apitherapy to medical people, beekeepers, alternative health practitioners and tour operators. The goal is that ApiMedical Tourism will rise due to the increasing interest in apiculture and apitherapy.

Speakers will deliver the keynotes in the plenary sessions that will improve and refresh the global knowledge base. The conference platform is targeted to health specialists, researchers and ordinary practitioners with a therapeutic interest towards the uses of honey, apitoxin, royal jelly, bees wax, propolis and bee pollen.

For more information, contact: 
Mokhlesur Rahman
Bangladesh Tourism Foundation and Coordinator
First International Api-Medical Tourism Conference and Api-Expo 2012

Conference Secretariat
Room 305, Academic Building, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tel: (+8802)9661920-70 (hunting), Ext- 7970
Mobile: +880155245657, 01714117801

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