Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Apitherapy Symposium, Workshop Boston Area, April 28-29

These workshops and symposiums are fantastic, intense sessions on the truly marvelous merits of honeybees, helping humans and animals with better health...

The American Apitherapy Society, Inc. & the York County Beekeepers Association Present “Honey Bees for Health,” An Apitherapy Symposium & Workshop
April 28-29, 2012
York Harbor Inn, York Harbor, ME
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All are welcome to this event in York Harbor in Southern Maine, just one hour north of Boston, MA. You will be able to learn from three experienced Apitherapists (two physicians and one acupuncturist), and interact with them and other people interested in Apitherapy. 

This ancient form of medicine with products of the beehive (honey, pollen, propolis, bee venom, and royal jelly) is used for health and healing throughout the world. The use of these products to maintain health is currently becoming well recognized in mainstream as well as scientific publications, and their power to heal when illness or accident occurs is also documented.

Conditions such as arthritis, MS, pain, and wounds are known to respond well to Apitherapy. Examples of material covered at this event are:  
 - adverse reactions, 
 - informed consent 
 - legal issues,
 - treatment of scars
 - Veterinary Apitherapy
 - Apitherapy for pain, arthritis, and accidents

The AAS is a nonprofit membership organization established for the purpose of educating about Apitherapy. This event is a prelude to the more comprehensive program of AAS’s course and conference (known as CMACC) to be given this year, October 5 - 7 in Portland, Oregon.

AAS and YCBA look forward to having you with us at the end of April. Enjoy early Spring in Maine at a beautiful historic inn, close to many of southern Maine’s coastal natural resources, as well as to fine shopping.

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