Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Intl Conf on Api-Phytotherapy, May 18-20

Having just returned from an Api-Phytotherapie Conference in Toulouse, it's evident that the strength of Apitherapy is plant-based and it's important to include all that is phyto and vital to complementary and alternative medicine...

First International Conference on Api-Phytotherapy
Morocco (Fez), May 18-20 2012

This week-end, in the city of Fez, Morocco, will host an historic event: the First International Conference on Api-Phytotherapy!

As Apitherapy is based on bee products that have at least a 60% vegetal origin (for example, propolis, honey, bee pollen and bee bread).

On the other hand, most apitherapists, all over the world, prescribe also medicinal herbs to their patients/clients.

Over the years, Romania has hosted several conferences and workshops on Api-Phytotherapy, but they were mainly at a national level. So, the need to finally organize an international Api-PHYTO-therapy event was obvious.

Fortunately, due to the extraordinary efforts of Prof. Badiaa Lyoussi and her team, Romanian experts will assist in the first "International Api-Phytotherapy" event.

Visit their website for more information on the scale of this event where many world-reknown Api-Phytotherapy experts will be present.

You may also contact Pr. Badiaa Lyoussi directly at:

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