Monday, October 8, 2012

Bee Pollen Holds Nutritional Value Even After One Year

This is encouraging news for beekeepers and consumers on how best to protect the nutrional value of the B complex vitamins in this complete food. It's not suprising to see that, as with honey, its best to keep your bee products away from sunlight...

Presence and Stability of B Complex Vitamins in Bee Pollen Using Different Storage Conditions
Food ChemToxicol, 2012 Sep 25

This study has the objective of evaluating the stability of B complex vitamins and its vitamers, for a period of one year of storage. The pollen samples were stored under room temperature (with and without light) and frozen. 

The vitamins were quantified by HPLC with fluorescence detection. All proposed vitamins were found in the samples and the dehydration process didn't interfere in vitamin content. The variations were (dry basis): 0.59-1.09 mg/100g (B(1)); 1.73-2.56 (B(2)); 6.43-15.34 (PP) and 0.33-0.68 (B(6)).

After one year of storage, it can be stated that vitamin B(1) concentration remained constant, while for the others, the concentration loss was dependent on time rather than on storage conditions. 

All samples were considered Vitamin B(2) sources. The influence of the storage time in the concentrations of vitamin B6 and PP was explained mathematically, through linear regression equations of multivariate analysis.

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