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Holistic Approach to Sanitized Air Uses Propolis

An ideal solution for those who are in constant contact with the general public, this device smells good and eliminates contaminants in their environment - taxi cabs, health clinics, schools, etc... 

Fresh air, sanitized naturally with Propolair

Holistic health care providers recommend using preventative measures to avoid the onset of serious health conditions. Taking prescription medication with the negative side effects is all too common, as well as, the increasing onset of antibiotic resistance.

It's also important to keep in mind environmental influences in the home and office. Eliminating things such as mold, bacteria and pollution which also have effects on our health should be non-toxic or "green". Finding a natural approach to boosting the immune system and managing our health and environment is the best approach. One such product gaining global notoriety is Propolis. 

A resinous substance produced by honey bees, Propolis is collected from the buds of trees, has numerous bioflavonoids with very important natural properties. Studies worldwide have confirmed that it is:
  • anti-bacterial 
  • anti-fungal
  • anti-viral 
  • anti-inflammatory 
  • anti-tumor 
  • anti-depressant
  • antiseptic
  • immuno-stimulant   
As Propolis is also very effective for respiratory conditions, an Italian inventor and beekeeper designed and patented an electrical diffuser, Propolair, to vaporize these important flavonoids into the air, employing a holistic approach to treating environmental factors.

In 1995, he, with the aid of researchers at the Italian Ministry of Health ("Biologi Italiani n°2/96"), conducted several studies in schools and found that propolis vaporizers reduced airborne bacteria by 71.8%

Researchers then took one step further to determine its effectiveness in more challenging situtions - closed agricultural environmental conditions and found it greatly reduced the bacterial load in pig and poultry farms. ("Agriculture Ecosystems Environments, 4/97")

In separate studies in Milan, as a result of having diffusers in nurseries and preschools, ("Assoc. Casa Materna Milano, 5/99") researchers discovered school attendance increased up to 61% without any allergic reactions reported. 

In 2003, additional studies conducted by the Chemical Laboratory of the Chamber of Commerce in Turin ("Lab Chimico 12/03"), researchers found that when propolis is vaporized and diffused, it reduced the presence of numerous air pollutants from 15% - 70% reduction of benzenes and hydrocarbons. For this reason, the inventor also created a vaporizer for cars, trucks, buses and vans.

As stated by noted physician, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D.
“To treat children successfully, we have to use anti-mold strategies.  To a large degree, I don’t use medical drugs.  The propolis vaporizor is a strategy to make the house mold free.  An Italian study showed that if you vaporize propolis at 82.3 C, it creates a monoatomic vapour of propolis in the house that kills every single living microbe in the air, making homes safe for the children.  It’s a fantastic tool.  It’s inexpensive, and has transformed the lives of alot of kids.  An Italian asthma study shows over 70% asthma cures in 6 weeks with kids.  70% asthma cures!  There’s not much that matches that result. The Propolis vaporizer is a big part of my anti-mold strategy.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D.,  LIA Conference 2008

For more information, see the video or visit the website.

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